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I'm known as a DQ...Dessert Queen

Although I love fitness, I'm really into my food, and even more so with dessert/sweets. My friends and family know that it's rare for me to turn down a dessert, even with my stomach bursting from having just eaten a meal. In the past, I would easily devour a slice of cheesecake without hesitation, but these days due to my unfortunate diagnosis of lactose intolerance, I'm unable to eat yummy delicious dairy sweets unless I have a Lacteeze on hand. It's not that I'm completely intolerant, but I do get symptoms of stomach bloating, stomach churning/twisting, gas, and well....you can guess the rest. So instead of taking Lacteeze all the time, I've been trying to eat little dairy to none at all.

With my new found love of raw and alternative health foods, I decided to find a dairy free recipe to try, without hopefully compromising on taste. That's when I stumbled upon these healthy lemon curd tarts on Pheebsfoods.com.


Pheebs' blog is all about health, nutrition, her love for food and recipes. 

These lemon curd tarts are made of all natural ingredients, no refined sugar, no dairy and they're gluten-free. They're pretty easy to make, all you need is a muffin tray, mixer/food processor and the ingredients which consist of nuts, dates, lemons, coconut oil, honey and eggs. See http://pheebsfoods.com/2014/11/14/healthy-lemon-curd-tarts/ for the entire recipe.

IMG_2688.JPG Some of the ingredients I used.

IMG_2687.JPG Don't do what I did and buy cupcake/muffin liners that were too small. I couldn't get height around the sides and so the base was a little flat.

So the end result...


They didn't look as amazing as Pheebs' ones, but they tasted amazing. Definitely a guilt free dessert that anyone would love. Have you got a yummy guilt free, dairy free recipe I could try? Would love to hear from you. =)

And also with the left over egg whites, I made myself some lunch. =p

IMG_2691.JPG Egg white omelette with spinach, Roma tomatoes and pepper. Add smoked salmon and mesclun salad.

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