Hi lovelies, I'm Sandie! When I'm not treating people's feet by day (yes I'm a podiatrist, no I don't have a foot fetish), I'm attempting to help others in living a happy and balanced lifestyle.

10 things you may or may not know about me...

  1. I live in Melbourne, Australia
  2. My favourite meal of the day is brunch
  3. I've had one knee reconstruction
  4. I binge watch television shows and if i like them I'll re-watch them 3-4x over
  5. If I had to live on one vegetable for the rest of my life it would be potato
  6. I became lactose intolerant after a severe bout of gastro post holiday (currently building a tolerance)
  7. I'm a sucker for dessert
  8. I love sports but not a huge fan of watching them
  9. I live with 3 children (my husband and my 2 dogs)
  10. I started my Instagram account as a fitness journal, with the intention of helping myself as well as others along the way.


Email: fitnessfootfiend@outlook.com

Instagram: thefitnessfootfiend

Twitter: Thefitnessfoot

Snapchat: Fitfootfiend

FB page: thefitnessfootfiend