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Tuna Red Curry Noodle Meal Prep

Tuna Red Curry Noodle Meal Prep

I somehow stumbled across this meal last Saturday night, when our gas bottle was out of gas, and the hubby and I couldn't be bothered moving from the house to grab takeaway. So I was scrummaging through the cupboards for something to cook and thought why not give the red curry sauce a go with tuna? If chicken goes with green curry, surely tuna and red curry would be fine. And guess what? It worked! Hubby and I were pleasantly surprised, and it only took me 30min to cook.

So I thought while this weekend's been a super busy one with events going on, I was up for a quick and easy 5 ingredient meal prep to do for the week.

Ingredients: (4 serves)

-520g Canned Tuna in Springwater (1x 425 large can + 1x95g small can) DRAINED

-78g red curry paste

-200ml coconut water ( for a slightly creamier and thicker sauce use 160ml light coconut milk)

-4 cups of chopped broccoli

-180g Soba noodles

Main kitchen items:

-Non-stick fry pan



-kitchen scale



-On a medium to high heat add red curry paste and coconut water to non-stick fry pan and stir for 2-3min.

-Add drained tuna to sauce for 10min on low to medium heat. Stir every few minutes, and then take off heat to cool.

-Meanwhile cook chopped broccoli in steamer for 5min.

-Cook soba noodles in hot water in saucepan on high heat for 3-4min.

Once everything is cooked, divide the tuna sauce, noodles and broccoli into 4 separate containers and freeze if they are not going to be consumed within 2 days. 

P.S These meals can be frozen for upto 2 weeks.

I've also included snacks that I have too: banana, boiled egg and square organics protein bar.

(For 20% @squareorganics bars use the code "thefitnessfootfiend")

{Macros with coconut water: 320 CALS, 29.7P, 41.8C, 3.6F}

{Macros with light coconut milk: 332 CALS, 29.7P, 42C, 4.8F}

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