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Quick 5 Ingredient Chilli Tuna Salad

Quick 5 Ingredient Chilli Tuna Salad

I was asked earlier in the week how to plan lunches if you couldn't heat up your meals at work? Most of my meal prep has been cooked food that generally needs to be microwaved, so I thought today I'd make a salad that can be eaten straight from the fridge. Salads are perfect for summer, they're easy to make and they're healthy (depending what you put in them of course). This 5 ingredient chilli tuna salad takes approximate 35min, it's also lactose-free, sugar-free and gluten-free.

Ingredients: (for 3 serves)

-3x 95g Tuna in light chilli oil 

-1/2cup raw tricolour quinoa (makes 1 cup cooked)

-3 boiled eggs

-8 florets/1 bunch baby broccoli/broccolini

-120g baby spinach

Main kitchen items:


-Microwave safe container




-In a microwave safe bowl/container with cover, microwave 1/2cup quinoa with 1 cup water on HIGH for 7-8min.

-Leave to stand with cover on for 3-4min, take cover off, stir through and cool for 10min.

-Rinse and cut baby broccoli in half, add to steamer and steam for 4-5min.

-Add 3 large eggs to a saucepan with cold water covering all eggs. Add to stove on high and boil for 4-5min (once water starts boiling). Tip: add 1-2tsp bicarbonate soda to water for easy peel eggs)

-Take eggs off the heat, peel and let cool.

-Once all items are cool, drain excess oil from tuna and then divide all items into 3 containers, and refrigerate. All ready to go straight into your bag before you leave for work.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think =P

(FYI Macros: 309 Calories, 30.2P, 25.9C, 9.8F

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